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"At the heart of Black Lion Academy is the desire to cultivate the soil for the next generation of church fathers."

Ambrose Andreano

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Black Lion Academy is an ecumenical platform for like-minded theologians, academics, mystics, and clergy across all Christian traditions who are dedicated to honest inquiry, discussion, and exploration of patristics, theology, and mysticism, to be presented to the best of one's ability with clarity and precision.

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Engaging the influential thought in the theological world

Christ the Heart of Creation
Bloomsbury Publishing

Rowan Williams argues that what we say about Jesus Christ is key to understanding what Christian belief says about creator and creation overall. Through detailed discussion of texts from the earliest centuries to the present day, we are shown some of the various and subtle ways in which Christians have discovered in their reflections on Christ the possibility of a deeply affirmative approach to creation, and a set of radical insights in ethics and politics as well.



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