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"At the heart of Black Lion Academy is the desire to cultivate the soil for the next generation of church fathers."

Ambrose Andreano

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Black Lion Academy is an ecumenical platform for like-minded theologians, academics, mystics, and clergy across all Christian traditions who are dedicated to honest inquiry, discussion, and exploration of patristics, theology, and mysticism, to be presented to the best of one's ability with clarity and precision.

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Engaging the influential thought in the theological world

Monsters: An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings
John Michael Greer
Llewellyn Publications

A Byzantine Catholic author reviews a guide to magical creatures written by a learned and practicing Druid. The author undertook the monograph purely for reasons of academic inquiry and theological dialogue, and only after consulting his confessor. He strongly advises that Christian readers approach this text and others like it with similar caution and advises against practical magic as incompatible with Christian cultic and ritual restrictions.



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