Tyler Cohen

Tyler is a graduate student in the Masters of Arts in Religion program studying historical theology focusing on Patristics and Eastern Christianity at Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College in East TN. His studies include Christology, theological anthropology, Christian metaphysics, epistemology, Trinitarian theology, East-West relations, ecclesiology, Byzantine Christianity, Medieval Latin theology, ancient and modern philosophy.

St. Maximus the Confessor on Mind, Knowing, and Prayer

The mind, or its mode, must go beyond the finitude and limit of conceptual thought in order to achieve a “life without limits” characteristic of the eschatological mode of the righteous.

Tyler Cohen
October 17, 2020

Did St. Gregory of Nyssa Teach Eternal Damnation?

For Aquinas this justice is unending and teleologically directed towards something other than what is seen in Nyssen’s concep­tion. For Nyssen, the cleansing punishment might even last for aeons for some portion of the wicked, varying according to the appropriate taxis/ordering.

Tyler Cohen
August 23, 2020

In Partial Praise of Apollinarian Christology

Apollinaris was ubiquitously understood to be teaching that the flesh of Christ was eternal with the Son and descended in the incarnation, passing through Mary. Contemporary scholarship dispels this notion revealing that Apollinaris taught that the flesh was acquired through Mary, and not derived eternally.

Tyler Cohen
May 2, 2020